Outsourcing Your Virtual TNCC/ENPC Training

ResusMed is the premier provider of ENA Virtual Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and Virtual Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC) training solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions from “as needed” classes to complete Virtual TNCC/ENPC Training Outsourcing.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Accessibility: ResusMed’s extensive offering of over 800 virtual TNCC and ENPC classes annually ensures that companies can find suitable training sessions with ease.
  • Convenience: Nurses can participate from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel and significantly reducing time away from their duties.
  • Cost Efficiency: By outsourcing to ResusMed, companies save on the expenses associated with backfilling positions and paying overtime for traditional in-person training.
  • Quality Instruction: With a team of experienced professionals, ResusMed guarantees top-tier education from expert educators in emergency and critical care nursing.
  • Flexibility: The virtual format provides unmatched flexibility, allowing for training without disrupting hospital operations.
  • Standardization: ResusMed ensures consistent and high-quality training across the organization, crucial for maintaining excellence in patient care.
  • Global Reach: The platform’s worldwide accessibility makes it perfect for organizations with international staff, ensuring consistent training standards.
  • Innovative Learning: Utilizing cutting-edge virtual education technologies, ResusMed offers an engaging and effective learning experience.
  • Customization: Training can be customized to meet specific organizational needs, making the education more relevant and impactful.
  • Support: Comprehensive support is provided throughout the training process, ensuring a smooth and effective learning experience for all participants.
  • Compliance: Helps organizations stay compliant with continuing education requirements and industry standards in emergency and critical care nursing.
  • Employee Satisfaction: The platform’s convenience and ease of use contribute to higher job satisfaction and retention rates among nurses.
  • Simplified Billing: ResusMed simplifies the administrative process with a single consolidated monthly bill, aiding in budget management.
  • Self-Scheduling: With the optional feature for students to self-schedule classes using facility, department, or job-specific coupon codes, ResusMed enhances convenience and autonomy, allowing nurses to manage their training schedules in alignment with their personal and professional commitments.

The Virtual Course

Virtual TNCC/ENPC training is delivered live, completely by video conference. All students are expected to have their videos on and be present for the entire class.


  • Participants must be an RN and possess a current unrestricted nursing license to receive certification.
  • LPNs and paramedics are eligible to attend all portions of the course. They do not receive certification, but are awarded contact hours.
  • Complete online modules and review of textbook.
  • Hardware: Internet connection, computer, laptop or tablet, Speakers, microphone and webcam

Next Steps

I would love to schedule a call to discuss how our solutions can improve your training as well as save you money. Feel free to email me at Info@ResusMed.com to discuss how we can assist you with your training objectives.