Outsourcing Your Virtual TNCC/ENPC Training

ResusMed is the premier provider of ENA Virtual Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and Virtual Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC) training solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions from “as needed” classes to complete Virtual TNCC/ENPC Training Outsourcing.

To view classes for Virtual TNCC/ENPC Training, please check our schedule, located at  https://www.resusmed.com/calendar/ 

Why choose ResusMed, NWHS for your training needs…

Just a few of our clients that have outsourced some or all of their Virtual TNCC and ENPC Training to ResusMed.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Decrease overtime with numerous class and date options. You don’t have to pull multiple nurses out of department at same time and backfill shifts.
  • Multiple scheduling options based on your needs
    • Schedule student(s) via website, phone, email, spreadsheet and/or text message
    • Students can have option to self-schedule, reducing the time coordinating schedules and classes.
  • Weekly training updates with student registrations and progress.
  • Frees educators time to focus on your other clinical needs and priorities.
  • Consistent quality and delivery by educators who teach very frequently.
  • You receive just 1 itemized bill for classes at the end of month after student attended.

The Virtual Course

Virtual TNCC/ENPC training is delivered live, completely by video conference. All students are expected to have their videos on and be present for the entire class.


  • Participants must be an RN and possess a current unrestricted nursing license to receive certification.
  • LPNs and paramedics are eligible to attend all portions of the course. They do not receive certification, but are awarded contact hours.
  • Complete online modules and review of textbook.

During the Course

Live simulation: TNCC includes virtual training using both an individual and team approach.  Trauma and pediatric nursing process psychomotor skills stations offer the student the opportunity to practice patient assessments and interventions in a controlled environment with Instructor-led discussions and skill stations.

After the Course

After completion of the class, students have 7 days to successfully pass the online test with a score of 80% or greater. During that 7 days, 1 additional attempt is allowed to achieve a passing score. Failure to successfully pass online testing will require student to repeat entire course.

Contact hours will be provided by the Emergency Nurses Association based on the type course. The Emergency Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Next Steps

I would love to schedule a call to discuss how our solutions can improve your training as well as save you money. Feel free to email me at Info@ResusMed.com to discuss how we can assist you with your training objectives.