About Us

Why choose ResusMed, NWHS for your training needs…

  • We are largest trainer of Virtual TNCC and ENPC Classes.
  • We offer over 10 Virtual TNCC classes every week.
  • We have never cancelled a course.
  • 85% of our educators are masters and/or doctorate educated.
  • The majority of our educators are also ENA State Faculty
  • We offer 1 Day, 2 Day and 45 Minute Challenger Classes
  • We have trained 1000’s of nurses this year in TNCC/ENPC

Student Focused
We keep our class sizes small so we can focus on coaching the individual and improving overall team resuscitation performance.

Our students graduate from our classes with far more than just the minimal knowledge and skills necessary to receive a certification. We ensure students leave our classes with immediately usable, practical knowledge that they can put to use during their next shift.