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πŸ’ŠDrugs that can cause acute pancreatitis: diuretics (loops, thiazides), IBD drugs (sulfasalazine, 5ASA), azathioprine, HIV drugs, abx (metronidazole, tetracyclines), valproate. 🐜Infections can be the culprit too: CMV, legionella, aspergillus. πŸ¦‚

Very nice updated mnemonic to organize the causes of acute pancreatitis, TO IMAGINE:
-Toxic ☠️
-Obstructive πŸͺ¨
-Iatrogenic πŸ’Š
-Metabolic πŸ§ͺ
-Autoimmune 🦠
-Genetic 🧬
-Infection 🧫
-Nobody knows πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Love the open-source sharing of teaching materials! #FOAMed #FOAMcc


1. Attributing to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect

2. Looking for excessively complex solutions to a problem

3. Assuming that our own biases/sins are lesser than others’

In the words of philosopher, @PatDoneyNBC5 ,β€œ#BeDecent”

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"All classes are not created equal! Having instructors who really know their stuff and understand what really matters in resuscitation made this a great class!!!"

"I have taken these classes other places for years. The classes have become boring... Just something I have to do to get a card to be able to work. Your class challenged me. I learned a tremendous amount and came away with things I can use every day"

"This was my first PALS class and I came away far better prepared than my co-workers who had been taking classes other places for years!"

"From the super easy class registration to having my eCard immediately after class, they rocked the class!"

"Excellent ACLS Class! I have taken ACLS classes for years and without a doubt, this is the best ACLS Class I have ever taken!"

"I really thought I understood ECG rhythms... I was so wrong!"

"Bill knows rhythms from the cellular and action potential level all the way up thru management and treatment. He presents it in such a simple and logical way it makes learning fun!"

"The prep materials and review links they sent us before the class gave us a huge running start. We got so much more out of the class and were able to focus on the finer points and details of resuscitation. Thank you from all of us!"