Using Bag Drape for Aerosolizing Procedures

by Bill Cantrell
2 years ago

We have been training students in our Protected Airway and Protected Code classes to use a clear plastic drape to control aerosolization. In BVM, SGA and Intubation practice it has worked very well to limit the amount and radius of contamination. The problem is that it has created a super contaminated surface under the drape.

We have invented a better way to control the aerosolization. By taking a clear plastic trash bag, cutting a face sized hole near the bottom you now have Bag Drape 1.0

The Bag Drape can be fitted around the face allowing the airway manager to pull the drape up like a sleeve. Once procedure is complete, the bag can be rolled up and discarded eliminating a majority of the contamination.

Please let me know of modifications or improvements.


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