COVID Critical Care and Ventilator Learning Resources

by Bill Cantrell
6 months ago

Society of Critical Care Medicine's, Critical Care for the Non-ICU Clinician

Free online education to healthcare professionals who could benefit from critical care training. This is an excellent course based on SCCM’s Fundamentals of Critical Care Course (FCCS)


Hippo Education – COVID19 Resource Hub (Twitter: @HippoEducation)


Ventilator Management for Surgeons


COVID19 Airway Management


Internet Book of Critical care (Thanks Josh Farkas Twitter: @PulmCrit)


Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue Procedures (Thanks Tom Bouthillet  Twitter: @tbouthillet)


Consensus statement: Safe Airway Society principles of airway management and tracheal intubation specific to the COVID-19 adult patient group


Ventilator Crash Course: Quick and Dirty Guide to Mechanical Ventilation


Initial ventilator settings for critically ill patients


Managing Initial Mechanical Ventilation in the Emergency Department (Twitter: @EMCrit)


American Thoracic Society – Mechanical Ventilation Video Resources


American Thoracic Society – Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation


American Thoracic Society – Ventilator Modes 101, Focus on the Waveform


American Thoracic Society – Mechanical Ventilation 101: Resistance and Compliance


Open Pediatrics – COVID19 Resources


Respiratory Care Curriculum – Invasive Mechanical Ventilation


ARDSNet Tools


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